Andrew Tate: How Romanian teens explain how he approached them on social media

Written by: Amos Osrah

Daria Gusa claims she was 16 and still in school when she received a private message on Instagram from Andrew Tate, a high-profile influencer nearly 20 years her senior.

“It just read ‘Romanian girl’ and he put some flirty emoji,” Daria told me. “I was confused because I [only] had 200 followers, and it was a private account.”

She is one of two teenagers who have told the BBC how Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan approached them online, allegedly following a predetermined formula.

“We were clearly high school girls,” Daria said. “We even mentioned our high school in our bio. In my opinion, he was simply looking for girls who were as innocent or naive as possible.”

She displayed a screenshot of the message, to which she never responded. However, she claims that some of her friends did.

Andrew Tate: How Romanian teens explain how he approached them on social media
A message from Andrew Tate’s Instagram account to Daria

Daria, who is now a university student in the United Kingdom, is the daughter of a prominent Romanian politician and feels empowered to speak out publicly when others have refused to do so.

The Tate brothers are currently being held in Romania for 30 days while police investigate allegations of rape and human trafficking, which both men deny.

Andrew Tate appears to instruct others on how to approach women on social media in a video posted online.

“In my experience, what raises intrigue [and] inspires them to respond [is]… I ask where they are,” he says in the recording.

“Sometimes [for] intrigue, I’ll put a completely pointless emoji on the end: some cherries, or an orange, or a strawberry.”

Since sharing her experiences, Daria says many young men have accused her of lying.

“Even guys that I used to know from high school are calling me a liar for saying I once received a message from Andrew Tate,” she told me. “But [they] don’t find anything strange about all the other allegations.”

She says many men of her age idolise Andrew Tate, who is 36.

“This is a big problem,” she told me, “because we can’t wake up in 20 years with two million Andrew Tates.”

Andrew Tate stated in advertising for his online courses on manipulating and exploiting women: “I’ve had a webcam studio for over a decade… Over half of my employees were my girlfriends at the time, and NONE of them worked in the adult entertainment industry before meeting me.”

He describes his job as follows: “to meet a girl, go on a few dates with her, and sleep with her… get her to fall in love with me, to where she’d do anything I say,” the publicity continues, “and then get her on web-cam so we could become rich together.”

He previously stated that he would never date a woman over the age of 25.

Gabriela (not her real name) was 17 when she was contacted on social media by Andrew Tate’s brother Tristan – though she later pretended she was 19.

Andrew Tate: How Romanian teens explain how he approached them on social media
Daria says men have accused her of lying about receiving the message

She’s asked that we call her Gabriela to disguise her identity.

She showed me his initial message, which read, “You’re beautiful”.

“I knew he was using the same approach with other girls,” she said. “He always starts the conversation with the same exact line: ‘You’re beautiful’.”

Gabriela stated that she and a friend received the same opening message from Tristan Tate.

In his online video, Andrew Tate says the phrase “you are beautiful” isn’t a bad way to start a conversation, and then goes on to outline what he calls a “perfect example” of a conversation.

After determining the woman’s location, Mr Tate advises men to ask: “Why don’t I see you? What are you doing?”

“99% of them say [they’re] not hiding,” he says on the tape.

This appears to have occurred during the conversation with Gabriela.

Screenshots of her alleged conversation with Tristan Tate show that his next message is exactly as Andrew describes: “I believe I’ve seen you around town before. Is that even possible? What have you been doing?”

“It’s possible,” Gabriela says. “I didn’t run away.”

Gabriela claims he invited her out in his car and to a party, but she declined both invitations.

Screenshots of their conversation show that it ended abruptly after she posted a video about him on social media.

“If important people see you doing things like this, they will never want to write you. Just a friendly reminder, “According to one of his final messages.

Screenshot from a message from Tristan Tate's account on Instagram

There is nothing illegal about the Tate brothers contacting or inviting girls as young as 16 or 17 online.

However, the testimony of these young women, as well as Andrew Tate’s online comments, point to a pre-planned method of initiating contact.

We have seen the screenshots that appear to back up these women’s claims. The messages appear to have been sent from handles whose usernames match those used by Andrew and Tristan Tate prior to their ban from the app.

However, has been unable to independently confirm their authenticity or determine whether the messages were sent by Andrew and Tristan Tate or someone working on their behalf.

Even though Andrew Tate is in custody, social media updates have continued to appear on his accounts.

On Thursday, he wrote that five people had been granted permission to visit him in detention, including a 22-year-old American influencer with millions of followers named Adin Ross, who said he was flying to Romania on Thursday.

No charges have been filed against the Tate brothers as of yet. Their 30-day detention period will end in just over a week.

Despite the confessional videos and commentary on their personal lives, the allegations against them remain unproven; any evidence against them is currently hidden from public view.

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