Andréa Sunshine: Fit grandma, 53, dazzles social media by lifting weights in a bikini.

Andréa Sunshine, 53, is a dedicated gym goer who enjoys flaunting her trim figure on social media.

The health influencer recently shared a stunning Instagram photo of herself lifting weights in very little clothing.

In a slinky black bikini, the ab-tastic grandmother flaunted her six-pack abdomen.

Today I broke all the protocols at the gym, I wanted to do something irreverent, unusual [and] unexpected,” she wrote.

The fitness star also recently opened up about her healthy lifestyle with Jam Press.

Andréa Sunshine

She explained that she goes to the gym for up to eight hours a day and eats massive amounts of protein — even chowing down 150 eggs a month.

“So I did and I loved the way I felt, free spirit, I love what I see — this sexy granny worth millions for all the qualities she does have,” Sunshine told Jam Press.

“But the most important [qualities I have are] courage, authenticity, and audacity,” she added.

The gym manager, on the other hand, told Sunshine to work in another room. Regardless, she was nearly finished with her workout.

Bikini Workout)

She’s not letting anyone get her down, and gave advice to her fellow exercise fanatics: “I encourage people to do what they feel. I’m a big supporter of free speech, we only live once and we have every right to be ourselves and be very comfortable with it.”

Sunshine received an outpouring of love from her followers in response to her post.

“Goddess mode,” one user wrote, followed by a fire emoji.