Ali Spice Cause of Death:  Ali Spice, a 21-year-old Hooters waitress and TikTok influencer, was killed in a car accident in Florida on Monday.

The Georgia-based online star’s tragic passing was confirmed by her pals and Florida Highway Patrol officers, who revealed have she as among those killed in a wrong-way crash on State Road 44 in Volusia County early Sunday morning.

Ali Spice Cause of Death: Hooters influencer dies at 21 in wrong-way car crash
TikTok star Ali Spice has died in a car crash at 21.

“Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now…Ali you are one of the most vibrant, beautiful inside & out, genuine, loving souls I’ve had the privilege of knowing,” wrote devastated fellow influencer Ariane Avandi on Instagram, alongside a pic of spice, whose real name was Alexandra Dulin.

“You are an incredible friend and an incredibly talented and passionate woman. I will never forget the impact you had on my life and the lives of others simply by being YOU!! You are constantly uplifting others and bringing genuine joy into everyone’s life.”

Ali Spice Cause of Death: Hooters influencer dies at 21 in wrong-way car crash

The Florida Highway Patrol reported that a Toyota Tacoma was driving in the wrong direction and collided with the social media star’s car, killing all three passengers, including a 22-year-old New Smyrna Beach man and a 25-year-old Daytona Beach man. According to FHP, the Tacoma’s hit-and-run driver fled the scene.

Ali’s father, James Dulin, told his local NBC affiliate that Ali’s friends reached out to him after the accident, prompting him to call local law enforcement. He described his daughter as having a generous heart and sent his condolences to the families of the other victims.

Ali Spice Cause of Death: Hooters influencer dies at 21 in wrong-way car crash

“Despite all of this attention on her, there were two other lives lost, and another young man in the hospital, and as much as she’s drawing attention, I think that that attention should be spread to the other valuable lives that have been affected and the families that are going through what we’re going through,” he said.

Spice had over 919,000 followers on her now-defunct TikTok, where she frequently posted about her life as a Hooters waitress.

The server-turned-social media star made headlines in January 2022 after posting a contentious video in which she complained about some of the smaller tips she received during a four-hour shift wing-slinging.