Alexis Theriot: Details of how Bride Spent 8 Hours in Hospital after Eyelash extension Tape sliced both eyes

Who is Alexis Theriot?

Alexis Theriot, 33, Elkhart County, Indiana, decided to get her lashes enhanced ahead of her big day to achieve a ‘glam’ look and speed up the process of getting ready ahead of the ceremony.

After receiving slit eyes from her eyelash extensions, a bride-to-cosmetic preparation ultimately led to the destruction of her wedding, putting her at risk of going blind.

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Just two days before she was scheduled to wed her fiancé Cameron Theriot, 33, on September 2, the mother-of-four went to a lash artist who had previously done her eyelashes.

She admitted, “I figured rather than applying a lash each day around the time of my wedding, I would just get my lashes done, and they would be there for the full week of my wedding and after,” but she “truly regretted it.”

At the beginning of the two-hour treatment, the beautician taped Alexis’ lower lash line to prevent her eyes and lashes from being stuck together.

She remembered, “She placed the tape on and it felt really unpleasant.” My eye felt extremely itchy, nearly to the point of being uncomfortable. She said, “Your eyes are probably sensitive,” when I told her this.

Alexis Theriot

Alexis went on with the appointment despite the fact that her eye discomfort got worse.

She peeled the tape off after she was through, and she said, “It was an instant relief, but on the drive home my eyes were suffering more and more.”

“I attempted to go to sleep, but my eyes kept keeping me from obtaining proper rest.” The next morning it felt like they were on fire since they were bothering me and keeping me awake.

The agonizing agony was described by Alexis as feeling “like they were on fire” the next morning.

The day after her lash appointment, Alexis drove the exhausting ten hours from her home in Indiana to the wedding location in Tennessee while still in great discomfort.

I just gathered my kids in the car and started my journey,” she remarked.

The lash technician responded to Alexis’ message by advising her to purchase eye drops and an over-the-counter pain killer, but they did not help her “burning eyeballs.”

On the eve of her wedding, after the mother had finally arrived at the mountain location, she asked a friend who works as an ophthalmologist for guidance and was advised to see a doctor.


She was obliged to travel to a local hospital the morning of her big day when she discovered the severity of her eye injuries.

Before the 5 p.m. ceremony, the worried bride-to-be was delayed for hours while being evaluated by physicians and waiting for a crucial prescription.

She said, “My right eye was crusted shut from sleeping, so they had to try to wipe a lot of it off since I had some puss and blood leakage.” “Touching the skin around my right eye was excruciatingly painful, and touching my eye was much more excruciating.”

I broke down in tears due to the discomfort, and my emotions actually made my eyes sting more.

She remembered that the ache was intolerable. The doctor dyed both of my eyes, examined them under a special light, and informed me that one of them was “severely” wounded and bruised.

They said that I had two hemorrhages in my right eye—possibly two—and that the pressure was really high.

Alexis was informed that if the pressure didn’t decrease, she may lose her vision and perhaps become blind.

Because of the precise location of the lesion on her eye and the lower lash line, the physicians concluded that the tape rubbing caused her to sustain a cut that extended the full length of her eye.

The doctor warned me to take the infection extremely seriously and to take action right away if I didn’t receive the eyedrops in a timely manner and a severe enough infection developed.

She said, “The doctor dyed both of my eyes, examined them under a special light, and informed me that they were both wounded and damaged.”

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Additionally, Alexis was informed that she had a hemorrhage in her right eye and that if the pressure doesn’t decrease, she may lose her eyesight or maybe become blind.

On her wedding day, Alexis spent more than eight hours at the hospital and pharmacy attempting to obtain the necessary medication.

Alexis had numbing drops put in her eyes by hospital staff, but she said they wore off after an hour and the agonizing agony returned.

She had to wait two hours for a neighborhood pharmacy to open after receiving her prescription and leaving the hospital. She later found out that the pharmacist had to call the medicine in from another location since it wasn’t in stock.

Before she could get back to her wedding location, Alexis had been gone for more than eight hours and said she had “wasted her whole morning.”

According to Alexis’s doctors, glaucoma, a condition that can cause vision loss and blindness, might develop if her right eye does not begin to mend within the next several weeks.

I wanted to postpone the wedding for a few days, but I was unable to do so since the venue was fully booked for all of the additional dates, and because I would not receive a refund, I felt compelled to go forward with the wedding.

It wasn’t at all how it was meant to go, but I just put on my brave face and got through it because I wanted to have this amazing family moment.

My trip and wedding day were severely impacted, and I now regret obtaining the extensions.

Alexis said that although her right eye’s pressure is still high as a result of the deeper incision and subsequent hemorrhages, physicians have confirmed that her left eye is healing properly.

She may develop glaucoma, a disease where the optic nerve is injured due to pressure from swelling if her eye does not begin to recover within the following several weeks. Blindness and visual loss are potential effects.

The newlywed wants to inform other ladies about the possible dangers of eyelash extensions as she waits in suspense to learn whether her suffering will result in permanent blindness.

I really hope I receive a clean bill of health for my eye in six weeks,” she remarked. There is no 100% guarantee that getting eyelash extensions will be risk-free since even if it occurs once in a thousand, you may be the lucky one. Anyone might experience it.

“My personal recommendation would be to just go with the glue-on lashes if you want lashes for a special event,” she said. “Beauty is never worth your health,” the person said, vowing never to get eyelash extensions again.