A young man from Ontario, Canada, who called himself a “crypto king,” was allegedly abducted and held hostage by unknown attackers demanding a multi-million-dollar ransom.

Aiden Pleterski, 23, was reportedly taken from Toronto in December and endured several days of torture and assault before he was eventually released.

Aiden Pleterski: Canada ‘crypto king’ abducted, tortured over $3M ransom
Aiden Pleterski was reportedly held hostage and tortured by kidnappers who demanded a ransom of at least $3 million.

The kidnappers had demanded a sum of at least $3 million from Pleterski, according to court papers related to a bankruptcy case.

Details of the abduction were revealed in court papers related to a bankruptcy proceeding involving millions of dollars Pleterski allegedly spent living lavishly instead of investing.

“They basically held him for approximately three days, drove him around different, various parts of southern Ontario, beat him, tortured him, allowed him to make specific phone calls to specific people only. I was not one of those people that he was allowed to contact,” his father, who was not identified, said in December.

Aiden Pleterski: Canada ‘crypto king’ abducted, tortured over $3M ransom
Pleterski’s alleged kidnapping was revealed court papers related to a bankruptcy proceeding.

Pleterski’s father disclosed that his son had been beaten and tortured during his three-day captivity and allowed to make specific phone calls only to certain individuals.

While he was held captive, Pleterski reportedly contacted his landlord and asked for $3 million. The landlord stated that Pleterski called him several times, but he was finally able to pick up the call at around 1:30 a.m.

Pleterski allegedly told him that there was no one else he could call for help, but the landlord said there was nothing he could do to assist.

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Pleterski is pictured with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Pleterski is said to have spent nearly $16 million on lavish vacations, cars, and private planes, instead of investing over $40 million he had received from people.

The bankruptcy trustee handling his case said that Pleterski had deceived his investors by not fulfilling his promise to invest their money.

In early December, Pleterski’s bankruptcy trustee was informed by Toronto police that the young man had been kidnapped. Pleterski allegedly invested less than 2% of the funds he received, according to CTV News.