Admin of a ‘Loom’ group nearly beaten to death after he attempted to run with his group’s money

Admin of a ‘Loom’ money group received the beatings of his life after attempting to run away with his group’s money.

A video sighted clearly showed all group members lashing the said Admin in turns whiles he screamed for his life.

There’s a new ‘quick money scheme’ going viral in Ghana called “Loom Money”. With Loom Money, all you need to do is to invest as low as GHC50.00 and get GHC400.00 in return.

Loom Money Ghana is Pyramid Scheme just like ‘peer-to-peer’ money-making scheme.

So after investing the GHC50.00, you invite friends and families to join. So as more people join, everybody gets his/her GHC400.00 — that’s GHC350.00 of profit on just GHC50.00.

Many have labeled the whole process as a complete fraud.

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