According to Becky Hill, I attended an all girls sex party to determine my sexual orientation. I still don’t know, but I’m engaged to a male

The pop star Becky Hill confessed she attended an all-girls sex party to determine her sexual orientation, confessing she “still doesn’t know.”

On tonight’s episode of Shopping With Keith Lemon on ITV2, the singer is expected to discuss her sexual orientation.

Before committing to a relationship with a guy, singer Becky, 28, of the band Crazy What Love Can Do, says she sought to determine if she was homosexual.

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In a conversation with comedian Leigh Frances’ character Keith about her fiancé Charlie Gardner, she discloses that she identifies as “queer.”

“God knows how I’ve managed to get laid,” Becky jokes in the preview clip from the episode, due to hit screens tonight.

“You did announce that you are queer – but back in the 80s, that was a bad word,” Leigh, 49, goes on to ask.

“I think the community has reclaimed it,” she explains. “It doesn’t mean gay or bi, it kind of means that you’re a bit undefined.

“My first female experience was when I was 17. I remember my mum saying to me when I was 14, ‘Every woman fancies another woman’.


“I was like, ‘Yes, I suppose I do fancy other women, but I don’t know to which degree that I do.”

When Becky inquires about her sexual experimenting, she replies, “I ended up going to an all-girls sex party because I wanted to find out, and I came out of it still not knowing.

“I was like, ‘Did I like that? Did I enjoy it?’ I came out and I still didn’t know the answer.”

I suppose bisexuality is falling in love with a guy or a woman, but I don’t see myself falling in love with a woman,” she says, explaining what it means to be queer.

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“Ever since I declared that I believe I am queer. Being on stage has definitely helped me discover my sexual strength since everything is so outrageous.

After a romantic trip to the Maldives, Becky announced earlier this year that she and her fiancé Charlie were engaged.

When they host their wedding party, the pop singer has already started arranging her wedding and wants it to have a festival vibe.

She said: “We are having a festival of course! We are going to have a sick festival with an acoustic tent, a dance tent, and a pop tent.”

With several pictures posted on social media, Becky declared their romance while flaunting her enormous sapphire sparkler.