Abigail White: ‘Fake Barbie’ OnlyFans model found GUILTY of murder after stabbing boyfriend when he ended relationship

A British OnlyFans model known as “Fake Barbie” was found guilty Friday of fatally stabbing her ex-boyfriend in the heart just hours after they split up.

Abigail White, 23, stabbed Bradley Lewis, 22, in their South Gloucestershire home on the night of March 25, a court heard during her two-week trial.

Abigail White

White, who earned $54,000 a year on OnlyFans, called an ambulance minutes later — but then lied to detectives, claiming her boyfriend had stabbed himself.

“I did not stab Bradley,” White told police after she was arrested on suspicion of murder.

The victim was transported to a neighboring hospital, where he died from a single knife wound to the chest hours later. The knife blade had pierced his heart, according to an autopsy.

During her trial, White argued to jurors that the fatal attack was an accident and that she only intended to “shock and scare” him by taking up the knife after a night of heavy drinking at a pub following their break-up.

Abigail White

“We were arguing, and he was pushing me and were in the hallway. I went into the kitchen, and I seen the knife on the side,” White said.

“Picked it up and walked back towards Brad. I went over to him to shock him, to scare him with the knife and before I knew it, I had stabbed him.”

She added: “I picked up that knife in anger and upset but I didn’t want to hurt him or kill him.”

Jurors heard that the night of violence occurred during a difficult time in her life because she had recently lost a pregnancy and discovered that Lewis had cheated on her.

Abigail White

White claimed she lied about the stabbing to protect herself, claiming, “I was afraid.” I was concerned about what would happen to me, Brad, and the family… I only wish I had told the truth from the start.”

White contested the murder accusation, instead pleading guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished culpability.

After 12 hours of deliberation, the jury rejected her defense and returned a guilty verdict on Friday.

She is yet to be sentenced.