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6 luxury rides flaunted by Regina Daniels since marrying her billionaire Nwoko


With over eight million followers on Instagram, beautiful Nollywood actress Regina Daniels is one of the Nigerian celebrities whose posts on social media gather massive reactions

From her movies to her marriage to billionaire businessman Ned Nwoko the actress always gives fans something to talk about

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Since her marriage to the billionaire, Regina has shown her love for luxury cars

Nsemwokrom.com compiles the various luxury cars the actress has been spotted with since her marriage.

1. Lamborghini

6 luxury rides Nollywood star Regina Daniels flaunted since she married billionaire Nwoko

The mother of one has shared photos of her with the luxury car on various occasions.

In one video she posted on Instagram, she was seen driving the car on a high road while playing Timaya’s song.

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2. Mercedes Benz Matic

Regina, whose alias is 4eva 16, was spotted with a beautiful Mercedes Benz car. The car is said to cost over KSh 6 million.

3. Ferrari

The actress was spotted posing behind a lovely Ferrari car. As much as she was standing in front of the vehicle, it was clear she wanted all the attention given to the ride.

4. Brabus Adventure Mercedes Benz G Wagon

The Brabus car seemed to be one of the most-loved automobiles of the actress as she is always seen posing with the car.

The car is believed to be a gift from her billionaire husband.

5. Rolls-Royce

If you know luxury, then you know that the Rolls is a must-have for every billionaire and Regina’s hubby is no different.

6. Mercedes Benz C-Class

The beauty was gifted this expensive Benz and went on social media to show it off even before it got new plates.

6. VIP Bus

The mum of one got the beautiful ride as one of her birthday gifts.

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