An earthquake has just been felt in the Bay Area. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake was a 3.6 magnitude event with an epicenter 1 km northeast of El Cerrito, with a depth of 5.8 km.

It occurred around 3:39 a.m.

In El Cerrito, residents awoke to a sharp jolt that caused beds to rock back and forth and knocked small items from shelves or kitchen islands.


Elsewhere near the epicenter there was no noticeable damage — no fallen items, no pictures askew.

The shaking, which lasted several seconds, was felt across the East Bay and as far south as San Francisco.

The USGS initially reported a magnitude of 4.0, but later revised it down to 3.6.

According to a zoomed-in view of the USGS map, the epicenter was near the Hillside Nature Area near Berkeley Country Club.

It was the most recent minor tremor to shake the Bay Area in recent months. Others include a 5.1-magnitude quake in San Jose in October and a pair of 3.9-magnitude quakes near Santa Rosa in September.