28-year-old Minnesota woman slain outside of her place of employment for “repeatedly” refusing a coworker


28-year-old Minnesota woman slain outside of her place of employment for “repeatedly” refusing a coworker

A Minnesota lady was fatally shot outside of her place of employment for “repeatedly” turning down a coworker’s persistent advances.

Jordan Carpenter, a coworker, allegedly shot Nicole Hammond, 28, in the neck on October 24 in the parking lot of her St. Cloud place of business, according to the police.

Carpenter, 36, allegedly ran away from the scene but was discovered hiding in a house in nearby Sauk Rapids approximately three hours later, according to a statement from St. Cloud Police.

The guy was detained on suspicion of murder while carrying a firearm.

One day before to her murder, the woman texted the creepy coworker, adamantly stating that she did not wish to be groped or used as a tool by him, according to a probable cause statement obtained by the Kansas City Star.

According to authorities, Hammond “repeatedly” turned down Carpenter’s love approaches in the month before the brutal killing, requesting him “not to make things awkward at work.”

According to a text message Hammond wrote to a friend, Carpenter was upset with her.

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Nicole Hammond died after she was shot in the neck outside her St. Cloud workplace, police said.

According to the media site, Carpenter’s employees were harassed and said that Carpenter has a “bad temper.” The night before Hammond died, the suspected murderer told police he was “upset” by her rejection.

Rob Dubow, CEO of Dubow Textile Inc., told Fox 9 that the persistent harassment was never brought to their attention by their employer.

Dubow remarked, “Unfortunately, we had no idea. “Whenever there is a situation that calls for our involvement, we get involved. But in this instance, we had no reason to believe anything was wrong.

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According to the probable cause statement, Carpenter refused to confess to the killing but stated that he had been heading toward Hammond’s car when he heard the gunfire.

The suspected murderer admitted to police that he fled the site after discovering his love interest’s death because he “was too traumatized.”

He didn’t contact 9-1-1, go to work, or offer help, according to authorities.