10 Ghanaian Superstitious Beliefs that Still Exists

10 Ghanaian Superstitious Beliefs

Growing up in the early 90s, there were some superstitious beliefs we wholeheartedly believed in and followed just as it says.

Things we very difficult when it’s placed under superstitious beliefs. Yet Growing Up as an African and a Ghanaian, superstitions, and beliefs range from practical advice and social decorum to the downright strange and confusing. Always entertaining and sometimes very informative.

These superstitious beliefs in a way help shape some societies and individuals in some Ghanaian Communities.

Nsemwokrom compiles the Top 10 Superstitious beliefs and their meaning from multiple sources. Click here to Read Moe

If you sing in the bathroom, your mother or father will die.

10 Ghanaian Superstitious Beliefs

This is one of the beliefs that really scared most kids in the early days, we were made to believe never to sing in the bathroom. Yet singing in a bath is something really hard to come by, so whenever a song drops in mind. You have to sing it probably in your head but not to come out of your mouth. But maybe in my Opinion, I think this belief was made just for us to focus on bathing so maybe soap or water won’t enter our mouth.

Bathing with warm water often makes you grow older faster


This is one of the funny reasons why I personally wasn’t motivated to use hot water to bath since childhood. No one would want to become an old man or old woman too early when growing but, so regardless of how cold the water is, we had to Man Up and bath it like that.

If you pound nothing in a mortar, you are pounding your mother’s breast.


Maybe this was meant to protect the mortar and the pestle, because pounding nothing breaks both

Don’t wash your face with the water left in a mortar for days, you will see ghost and witches


Considering how sticky the mortar becomes after using it, it’s unhealthy and unhygienic to use it to wash your face after either before or after it’s been used.

When you whisper at night, you are calling dwarfs or snakes.


Our Grandparents and parents did their best to instill fear in us at night just to make sure we don’t go around doing all sort of things, they made us believe that whispering at night is probably a way of calling Dwarfs to our presence. Yet Dwarfs as the story is being told about them are evil creatures you wouldn’t want to play around with. so to cut the long thing short, we don’t have to whistle. Even though, the Snake part we can say is scientifically proven but the Dwarf part is what really bores me, probably our mothers didn’t want us to be calling our Girlfriends and Boyfriends with whistle, so they intentionally created this.

You do not go to farm on a certain day of the week, mostly Tuesdays, or you will meet the river goddess which means instant death.


I think this was meant to protect the river bodies as people walked through most of them to their farms at the same time fetching to drink when there happens to be a shortage of water.

 A man does not wash the underwear of a woman, or he will become stupid as we call it ‘Otoolege’.


It was also believed that, Men should under no circumstance wash the underwear or I should say Dross of a Woman, otherwise he’ll become ‘belebele’, ‘otoolege’ and some Funny names, but I believe this was made maybe to ensure the superiority of Men yet we have Men washing Ladies Panties day in and day out, and they’re just fine, I’m yet to try one tho. Lol

If you write someone’s name with Red Pen, the Person will Die


I don’t know how this came about, but this was one of the fear of most student in class whenever they get hold of a Red Pen. As a student growing up in a Ghanaian Community, I believed this so much that, I dare not write even ‘Ama’ with red pen.

When a female is too aggressive (Gidigidi), it is a sign of witchcraft.


This is crude because most of these females are just hard-working individuals. And the fact that they still use these crude measures to clip their wings by sending them to witch camps, is preposterous.

If your leg itches, it means you have a visitor waiting in your absence.


This is a polite way our parents employ to excuse themselves from a company. If they have been with a company for a while, instead of saying they want to leave, to tell their company their leg is itching implying they probably have a visitor waiting for them so they have to leave. Clever right?